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Poster The Creation Of Adam Michelangelo

Poster: The Creation Of Adam Michelangelo
Poster: The Creation Of Adam Michelangelo. The creation of Adam (ital. La creazione di Adamo) — Michelangelos fresco, painted around 1511. The mural is the fourth of nine Central tracks of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, focusing on the nine stories of Genesis. The mural illustrates the episode:__And God created man in His own image__(Gen. 1:27). The creation of Adam is one of the strongest songs of the painting of the Sistine chapel. In the infinite space flies God the Father, surrounded by wingless angels, with fluttering white tunic. The right arm is extended toward the hand of Adam, and almost touches it. Lying on the green rock Adams body gradually begins to move, comes to life. The whole composition is concentrated on the gesture of the two hands. Gods hand gives the impulse and the hand of Adam takes it, giving the whole body vitality. The fact that their hands do not touch, Michelangelo emphasized the inability to connect the divine and the human. In the image of God, according to the artist, dominated not a wonderful start, and a giant creative energy. In the image of Adam Michelangelo celebrates the power and beauty of the human body. In fact, before us is not the creation of man, and the moment he gets the soul, a passionate pursuit of the divine, a thirst for knowledge. The creation of Adam, Michelangelo, reproduction, hands painting, fresco, Sistine chapel, Vatican city. From this image we can make the poster hard poster, printed poster on paper, you can also order a painting and the canvas on the stretcher. Print on canvas with gallery stretching. Matte and glossy photo paper that is resistant to fading ink and protective lacquer on canvas. Decorate your interior using the decor of the walls. Sold: 9 (Posters, canvases, paintings). File size: 2837x1892 px. Image ID: POK25579

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